This is a list of known #wrefd21 events. Please let us know about your events so we can include on our website.

IOR Women in RACHP – Design of Cold Stores and Refrigerated Cabinets

Carter Thermal Industries Group, 90 Lea Ford Road, Birmingham. B33 9TX , United Kingdom

Women in RACHP - Design of Cold Stores and Refrigerated Cabinets 24 Jun 2024 10:00 to 16:00 Expand your knowledge of the design principles of refrigeration cold stores and refrigerated cabinets On the 24th June, the IOR's Women in RACHP Network will hold a training event to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day. The day […]

World Refrigeration Day events in Australia

Woolworths Supermarkets in Sydney, Melbourne, Bendigo, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth , Australia

Woolworths to host a national plantroom open day on the "coolest day of the year". The Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (RAC) sector is accountable for almost 25% of Australia's entire national electricity production and around 12% of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions. RAC enables people to live, travel and work comfortably. Refrigeration in particular boosts economic […]

The Incredible Impact of Lord Kelvin

Register to see the conversation on the 26th June Register here and choose the time that suits you. This webinar will be available at 9:00am, 4:00pm and 8:00pm on the 26th of June. Overview The IOR is celebrating the 200th anniversary of Lord Kelvin this World Refrigeration Day. Lord Kelvin is often considered the founder of […]

IOR Masterclass – Energy optimization in refrigeration systems

IOR Masterclass - Energy optimization in refrigeration systems 26 Jun 2024 10:00 to 11:00 The IOR masterclass series is designed to support colleges and employers who take on trainees (or anyone who wants to refresh their knowledge). This presentation will be broadcast live but will also be available in the IOR Masterclass library. If you are […]

Very cool: celebrate World Refrigeration Day and 170 years since James Harrison’s commercial refrigeration invention

Geelong Showgrounds Museum, Gate 2, 77 Breakwater Rd, East Geelong , Australia

By celebrating James Harrison's achievements on World Refrigeration Day, 26 June, local organisations seek to restore wider understanding of his work and contributions to society. Modern refrigeration still relies on the processes that he designed, engineered and patented 170 years ago in what Europeans considered to be the far-flung colonial backwater of Geelong. It is […]

A Celebration of the life of Lord Kelvin at his birthplace in Belfast

The Kelvin Building, College Square East, Belfast, Northern Ireland College Square East, College Square East, Belfast,, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

For World Refrigeration Day 2024, the Institute of Refrigeration Ireland is pleased to present an afternoon of celebration of the life and work of Lord Kelvin, William Thomson of Belfast. The event will take place in the newly redeveloped ‘The Kelvin’ building on the site at College Square East in Belfast where William Thompson was […]

Diversity and Equality in the Commercial Refrigeration Industry

Join Trevor Matthews  - Refrigeration Mentor -  for an insightful webinar on "Diversity and Equality in the Commercial Refrigeration Industry," celebrating World Refrigeration Day on June 26th. This event will feature a panel of esteemed female leaders from around the globe, sharing their experiences, challenges, and successes in a traditionally male-dominated field. Our distinguished speakers […]