June 26th Every Year

James Curlin, Acting Head of UNEP OzonAction

“World Refrigeration Day is a great opportunity for all of us to celebrate the tremendous contribution that refrigeration and air conditioning makes to our societies. This includes enabling our agricultural and food systems to harvest, store, transport and sell the foods that nourish us all. The cold chain is what makes this possible,”

Shane Brennan - Chief Executive ColdChain Federation

World Refrigeration Day will be a focal point to drive awareness and joint working on a global scale.

Didier Coulomb, Director General of IIR

“Reducing food losses is one of the most important challenges concerning food security in the future as well as reducing global warming. Building good cold chains worldwide is the best answer.”

Darryl K. Boyce, P.Eng. ASHRAE President

“We are proud to partner with other global organizations to support World Refrigeration Day in this its second year as we celebrate refrigeration’s vital role to the modern world.”

Andrea Voigt, EPEE Director General

“Our sector is essential for our health, for our productivity, for our wellbeing. And it does not stop there. Cooling can play a major role to support the decarbonisation of our economy by ensuring energy savings and supporting the shift to renewable energies, for example, with solutions such as heat recovery, thermal storage and demand response,”

Graeme Fox - Head of REFCOM

“REFCOM are proud to support World Refrigeration Day in recognition and celebration of the contribution the sector makes towards protecting the food supply chain, lifesaving and comfort cooling, process cooling, and sustainable renewable heating technologies.”

Miriam Rodway - CEO of the Institute of Refrigeration

The IOR is a proud supporter of World Refrigeration Day as an initiative to raise the profile of the important contribution that refrigeration air conditioning and heat pumps make globally across so many aspects of modern life”

Marco Buoni - President of the European contractors’ association AREA

“This celebration is an acknowledgment of the role for our society played by refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps whether related to health, food or comfort. RACHP contractors represented by AREA are proud to contribute to achieving such noble purposes”

Ian Harwood - President AIRAH

“AIRAH are proud to support World Refrigeration Day as it increases awareness of one of the most important engineering initiatives of the last century enabling cooling and food preservation around the world. “

Jim Barron, Executive Director of Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association

“RETA is a proud supporter of World Refrigeration Day and their mission to raise worldwide awareness about the role of the refrigeration industry in supporting modern life and society.”

Dave Rule - President Emeritus of IIAR

“The IIAR,  along with other organizations around the world, support the World Refrigeration Day effort to focus on the benefit of refrigeration in our lives.”

Richie Mittal - President ISHRAE

 “The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) is delighted with the establishment of World Refrigeration Day, which will drive innovation, efficiency and standards for the refrigeration industry and the cold chain.”

Stephen Yurek, President & CEO - The Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Institute (AHRI)

“Refrigeration is an important component of a safe and healthy society. From keeping medicines and food supplies safe to enabling a ready supply of fresh food choices regardless of geography, refrigeration is an often unheralded and yet vital technology for the modern world. America’s commercial refrigeration manufacturers join the world’s citizens in celebrating World Refrigeration Day.”

Tetsuji Okada san, President - (JRAIA) Japan Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry Association

“JRAIA is proud to join associations and societies who support World Refrigeration Day on 26th June every year from 2019 onward. As RACHP equipment association in Japan, JRAIA acknowledge this day to raise awareness amongst the people in the world of the importance of choosing environmentally friendly products and proper maintenance during use”

Colin Goodwin, Technical Director, BSRIA

“BSRIA relishes the chance to support World Refrigeration Day on Wednesday 26th June. The day has a mission to emphasise the effect of refrigeration – globally.”

Stuart MacPerson, President - CIBSE

“World Refrigeration Day provides a chance to demonstrate the many benefits that refrigeration brings to the world. It is an occasion to recognise the achievements of the pioneers of early refrigeration and to recognise the developments that continue today.”

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