World Refrigeration Day is proud to support the inaugural Social Mobility Awareness Day. Social Mobility Awareness Day has been established to promote wider conversations about social mobility and to celebrate the organisations committed to bringing about positive change.

To improve social mobility in the UK, employers need to put socio-economic diversity, equity and inclusion at the heart of their organisations. The aim of this day is to improve awareness of what social mobility is, why it is important, and how organisations can take action.

Social mobility is a cause that is widely misunderstood. Defined through the lens of government bodies – it’s often measured by things like a person’s income, status, or occupation. How socially mobile a society is depends on the level of access to opportunities that individuals from less-advantaged backgrounds have. The Social Mobility Commission’s State of the Nation 2021 confirmed that “today, you are still 60% more likely to be in a professional job if you were from a privileged background rather than a working class background.”

Over the past few years, more organisations have started to look at the socio-economic diversity, equity, and inclusion strands within their workforce and are evaluating the impact they are making in these areas. On Social Mobility Awareness Day, it’s possible to recognise and share the achievements of these organisations.

Launching on the 16th of June 2022, this year’s theme will focus on the question ‘What is Social Mobility?’. The organisers are encouraging everyone to share their experiences with social mobility, whether that’s a personal journey or a workplace initiative. By sharing, you will help to create momentum for the movement, inspiring and encouraging others to consider how they are going to put social mobility on their agenda.

World Refrigeration Day founder Stephen Gill said “We are delighted to be supporting the inaugural Social Mobility Awareness Day to help raise awareness of social mobility across society and specifically within the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat-pump engineering sector.”

Tell your story this Social Mobility Awareness Day. #SocialMobilityDay

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