Focusing on Next Generation Cooling Technologies

ATLANTA (June 20, 2023) – ASHRAE has joined organizations, government agencies and companies worldwide to support World Refrigeration Day, an annual event dedicated to raising awareness about the significant role of refrigeration and air conditioning to modern life.

World Refrigeration Day is celebrated on June 26th each year. This year’s theme, “Next Generation Cooling,” highlights the need for innovative and sustainable cooling solutions that can meet the increasing demands of our rapidly changing world. ASHRAE emphasizes the importance of next generation cooling technologies to address global challenges and promote sustainable practices.

“The theme, ‘Next Generation Cooling’ aligns perfectly with ASHRAE’s commitment to advancing cooling system technology and our prioritization of environmental stewardship,” said 2022-23 ASHRAE President Farooq Mehboob, Fellow Life Member. “ASHRAE is committed to promoting energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. An important way to accomplish this is by fostering innovation in the cooling industry. We are dedicated to supporting research, education and collaboration to drive innovation to ensure a sustainable and efficient cooling infrastructure around the world.”

According to the International Energy Agency, air conditioners account for nearly 20% of the total electricity used in buildings around the world today. Their use is set to soar over the next three decades, becoming one of the top drivers of global electricity demand. This year’s World Refrigeration Day campaign aims to raise awareness of how the modern cooling industry is adapting and evolving to meet the challenges and opportunities of increasing demand for low carbon cooling and heating solutions in warming climates.

“As an industry, we need to recruit, train and retain people equipped with the knowledge and skills that a modern, forward-thinking industry requires” explains Stephen Gill, founder of World Refrigeration Day. Gill continues “Just as no-one will expect the cooling solutions, we supply in the future to be the same as those from the past, no-one should expect the workforce to be the same either. This year’s campaign is an opportunity to showcase what we are doing now to ensure we have the diverse, highly skilled workforce that our future industry needs.”

ASHRAE is supporting World Refrigeration Day by encouraging its chapters and members globally to speak to the public, including students making career choices, about how cooling provides climate and food security. The “Next Generation Cooling” theme highlights the innovative technologies that improve cooling’s energy efficiency and the opportunities the industry provides in maintaining and improving quality of life.

The 2023 ASHRAE Annual Conference in Tampa will highlight cooling technology in technical sessions and seminars, including:

Registration to attend the conference is still available. Visit the ASHRAE Refrigeration webpage at for additional resources.

ASHRAE has supported World Refrigeration Day since the day’s founding in 2019. More information can be found at


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