Discover a career that makes a difference

There will be the opportunity to visit an operating state-of-the-art natural refrigerants plant
room, meet industry professionals and experience a day in
the life of a refrigeration technician.

When: Monday, 26th June 2023

Where: Woolworths Supermarkets in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide & Perth.Each session will run for approximately 1 hour.


To register your interest in attending please scan the QR code:

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Next step is for you is to kindly help get this flyer out in the public domain with a particular focus on youth who may be considering a career in a trade. How you do this is really up to you. In 2019 we had one very committed applicant who flew down from Cairns to participate in the Sydney open day (2hr flight). So no harm in casting a wide net. In fact a wide net will help to socialise this great Woolies initiative to those who may not be able to attend. Raising awareness of our industry is why we are doing what we are doing!