Women in Coolings:

My first involvement in refrigeration was at age of 14 when I helped my father to fix his car’s A/C. I loved that experience.
At 18, my father gave me a very valuable piece of advice, to study refrigeration, as it combines thermodynamics, mechanical and electrical engineering, and I’m so glad to have taken his advice.
After 3 years of study and completing the course in refrigeration, I moved to the Netherlands. With determination to peruse this career, I took a course in refrigeration to qualify as certified/ registered refrigeration engineer, and my 6 months internship ended with a job offer, which I was so pleased with.
Since then, it has been a wonderful journey where I have met and worked with fantastic people and I learnt a lot and developed my skills with the help of brilliant and supportive colleagues and continuous training. I gained great experience in the industrial, marine, petro-chem and oil & gas sectors.
I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to move to different countries like The Netherlands, UK, and UAE, and worked at well-known companies like Inham, Sabroe, York International, JCI, and now at ADEAREST.
This journey of 25+ years has been wonderful. I’m so glad to have been able to contribute to the industry at many levels, and filled many positions with a career growth starting as a service engineer, then supervisor, technical service manager, commissioning/project manager, project development manager, service & technical development manager, and now general manager at ADEAREST.
One of many contributions throughout my career in the refrigeration industry in the UAE is highlighting the advantages and benefits of natural refrigerants like Ammonia. Improve system efficiency and the big savings that can be made on energy consumption, and reduce CO2 emissions.
Further, conducting many internal and external training programs, from refrigeration principles to hands-on sessions for service engineers and safety awareness when handling refrigerants like Ammonia, as transferring knowledge and experience to new generations is essential in this vital industry.
We at ADEAREST, an engineering driven company, focus on offering sound design, energy efficient and environment friendly solutions that best suit the clients. It is a tough task as in this part of the world the private sector is still focusing on cost rather than energy efficient and environment friendly solutions, but with the recent government involvement pushing for sustainable and green solutions, the mindset is changing and more clients are turning to us and considering our advice.
In the end, there is only one planet we live on, and there is “No Planet B”. Let’s protect it together for generations to come.