Women in Coolings:

I have 27 years of international experience in sales of refrigeration, air-conditioning, process cooling, heat pumps and other components. I have successfully completed many contracts for refrigeration installations, as well as introduced new products to EU the market. I have gained professional experience working in companies such as GEA GRASSO, TEMPCOLD and AHLSELL. My interests are: Commercial or Industrial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, DX, NH3 and Hydronic Solutions, Wholesale of Components for HVAC&R Applications. My previous professional positions are: sales engineer, sales manager, sales director, area sales manager. Products of interest: Refrigeration Technological Components, Industrial Heat Exchangers : Air Coolers, Evaporators, Condensers, Dry Coolers. Gas Coolers, Customized Solutions for Cooling and Heating Systems in the sectors of Industrial Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Process Cooling.