M-Cycle Industries Inc

Women in Coolings:

Prof. Dr. Valeriy Maisotsenko Chief Scientist, Founder M-Cycle Industries Inc
Professor Dr. Valeriy Maisotsenko, the world leading authority on thermodynamics of M-Cycle, has conducted over 50 years of research and development, and holds more than 300 patents. Commercialized in over 42 countries, his air cooling first generation Gen1 (Climate Wizard) and Gen2 (Coolerado) technologies serve as benchmark for cooling efficiency. The latest discoveries and our Gen3 M-Cycle products will significantly improve the performance over Gen1 and Gen2 products, simultaneously drastically reducing the cost allowing to break in into all market segments, compared with prior products. The ultimate uniqueness of Gen3 technology is a phenomenon dew-point water evaporative refrigeration.
The process of indirect evaporative cooling of air is well known, where air or water approaching the wet bulb temperature of outside air. But for the first time in 1976, in the former USSR, (patents SU No 979796 and etc.) Valeriy Maisotsenko disclosed a configuration wherein a main stream of air is passed along a dry duct, simultaneously passing an auxiliary air stream counter currently along a moist duct which is in heat-exchange relation with the dry duct. The auxiliary stream is obtained by subdividing the total stream into main and auxiliary streams. It gives opportunity to get cold air below the wet bulb and approaching the dew point temperature of outside air. This configuration is further developed and significantly improved by Maisotsenko in the USA (US Patents No 4,350,570; 4,842,052; 4,971,245; 4,976,113; 4,977,753; 5,453,223; 6,497,107; 6,581,402; 6,705,096; 6,776,001; 6,779,351;6,854,278; 6,948,558; 7,007,453; 7,197,887; 7,228,699; 8,613,839; 9,982,907), wherein the wet and dry ducts are divided into 2 separate sections which allows for pre-cooling of the dry air-streams prior to their entry into the wet duct thereby resulting in enhanced cooling efficiency.

M-Cycle is not just next Air Conditioner, it is the future of humanity power, it is an alternative source of energy – energy from air. The new Gen3 M-Cycle has the fundamental improvements, thermodynamic advantages over previous Gen1 and Gen2 technologies, by 50%, and hence cannot be matched through publicly known evaporative air conditioning and refrigeration methods.
Maisotsenko Thermodynamic Cycle (M-Cycle) is fundamentally different, and therefore changes or improves everything known and developed in last 200 years, it is new physics, or more accurately- better understanding of it, and more importantly- better practical applications!
Example we site often: going from horse to engine, and now- from engine to M-Cycle!