Refrigeration Mentor Inc.

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Trevor Matthews is a Certified Training & Development Professional and a subject matter expert in commercial refrigeration systems, has worked as a technician installing, commissioning, and servicing commercial refrigeration, and HVAC systems. His professional experience and drive for lifelong personal education allows him to offer training and support within the industry. Trevor runs Refrigeration Mentor, an international training and development organization that is dedicated to training, educating, and mentoring refrigeration professionals throughout the industry.

Trevor started in the industry in 2004, after looking for a career that would allow him to travel the world. With very little knowledge about what the refrigeration industry really was, he jumped in and has never looked back. This industry has taught him a range of skills from technical refrigeration while on the tools, electrical, brazing, to soft skills like customer service and learning about personal development. After years of working as a technician, the opportunity to work for a major manufacturing company opened the door to training and professional development. His drive to help technicians and do what he can to make the refrigeration industry better is what has led him to his career today as the founder of Dream big, there is so much opportunity in refrigeration. Let’s get a conversation going.