Oceanair uk Ltd

Women in Coolings:

1978 Started my Apprenticeship at Jones Refrigeration in Nottingham working on Dunham Bush kit although I had spent many weekends with my brother in law since I was 13 blowing out condensers on top of cold rooms. Then I joined RCL in notts installing beer cellar coolers and sainsburys supermarkets latterly building the packs for the supermarkets. Did a short tour with Derbyshire refrigeration installing second hand equipment into cold rooms, how we made that kit work is a miracle. Started my own company ACE refrigeration doing loads of little chef coldroom installations and building control panels at weekends then joined SWM distribution we built that company from 300k a year to 23m at its peak I resigned as Sales and Marketing Director after 18 years and started Oceanair uk ltd in 2002. Here we are 20 years on with a thriving business about to open our training academy for Air to water heat pumps.