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Women in Coolings:

Since 2007 I work in the hvac&r market.
I started by chance but soon realized that my future would be in this industry. Passion grew with the increase of knowledge and experience in this vast world of opportunities.

I have already worked in several aspects of mechanical engineering in the areas of heating, ventilation and air conditioning and refrigeration. namely in design, maintenance, installers and supervision of works.

I’m an Professional with experience in HVAC&R works and Hydraulics
I have Experience in budgeting and works supervision.
Degree in Mechanical Engineering from ISEP – Porto School of Engineering. I’m also a member of the OET – Ordem dos Engenheiros Técnicos

I’m an engineering professional with the know-how and the necessary ambition to offer in all my projects a guarantee of quality in the service provided.

Some aspects that I consider fundamental for success in this área:
– Ability to work with tight deadlines and under pressure
– Customer orientation
– Priorities Manageability
– Initiative and Work Capacity
– Team Spirit and High Sense of Responsibility.