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I started my apprenticeship 29 years ago which opened an amazing world of industrial refrigeration applications as I began to learn the practical and theoretical skills needed to service and maintain a complex cooling plant used in the production of soft drinks, brewing, dairy, and cold-storage industries for the likes of Coca-Cola, Greene King and Diageo. I also had the opportunity to travel on ships with marine projects and worked for two months in South America on board a liquified natural gas container whilst moored 10 miles off the coast of Ecuador.
With a growing knowledge and appetite for further development I worked as a site-based engineer with two sperate pharmaceutical production sites, Pfizer and Abbott Laboratories. Through these roles I developed new specialist skills in low temperature freeze drying and ultra-low temperature applications down to -180°C and also complex site services relating to a pharmaceutical production site with R&D laboratories such as demineralised water systems, high vacuum systems, steam autoclaves (for utensil and lab apparatus sterilisation) and HVAC systems for the containment of hazardous category 3 areas areas using positive pressure zones to prevent air born transmission.
The next challenge in my career was the transition from coming off the tools to begin a technical support management role with Hoshizaki, a leading manufacturer of commercial kitchen and food service equipment. My work encompasses many areas of project and warranty analysis work liaising with factories and external suppliers and the wider EMENA areas. In this role I have met many interesting people from around the world and learned a lot about their cultures and ways of working. Knowledge learning and sharing has never been so important to achieve and exceed the challenges our industry faces #getinvolded #coolingchampions #coolingmatters #coolcareers