Beswick Refrigeration Services (BRS)

Women in Coolings:

Starting in the trade from 17, it wasn’t an industry that was hidden away from me. My mum was also in the industry as well as my dad too. If I’d have wanted to be a fireman there was no chance. I would’nt have it any other way.

Starting as an apprentice I worked my way gaining experience through primarily manufacturers. I saw this as offering me a level of knowledge that would set me apart as an engineer so far as industry knowledge goes.

Whilst always learning I had a driving desire to learn more about the design aspect of the industry and my favoured process cooling applications.

Currently I’m working for Beswick Refrigeration as a Technical and applications engineer. Designing systems on CAD, making selections for the chillers and hydraulic system that feed them, as well as finding out the route cause of many issues that lead to failure on existing systems.

I have a fun demeanor but am very candid as an engineer to clients. I strongly believe that if I offer honesty there is mystery to unravel for the client or end user. Which in an industry that traditionally has been full of gatekeepers is often refreshing.

I have a passion to make things better, more efficient and greener through my own love of the planet in its spectacular beauty (and spending a lot of time outdoors). This has lead me to have an off the wall innovative approach to solutions.

If I was asked to chose another job, I really couldn’t. You really couldn’t find anyone more passionate and positive about the industry. I’m a passionate devotee of engineering in all its forms and love making my mark within it.