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My RACHP career has spanned over the last 45 years. I am passionate about the RACHP Industry; in particular about RACHP training, mentoring, career guidance and CPD.
As a youngster , I used to do a ‘milk round’ and delivered milk to CARTER REFRIGERATION DISPLAY ( CRD) on the Redhill Road, Birmingham. I always used to wonder what they did there and applied for an interview back in 1977.

I started my career as a ‘fibreglass laminator’ ( a horrible, irritating and smelly job) at CRD ad can still recollect the career advice, that Mr Morgan gave me when I was at Cockshut Hill School, Birmingham.

He said’ get your foot in the door with a company and you can move within to get to where you want to go’. I was lucky at CRD because I internally transferred around the refrigeration departments and set up my own TRAINEESHIP with day release- the FIRST in CRD. That paved the way for many trainees/apprentices, even today!

Then, I got invited to teach RACHP at the college that I was taught at- SOLIHULL COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY and developed into the HEAD OF REFRIGERATION.

I was probably the youngest RACHP trainer in the UK, back then, at the age of 25.

I have been in RACHP training eversince and set up my own company in 2003.

I have had various roles, like Training Manager at York International, Assessment Manager for BEST. I set up MotorClimate Training Academy that is now ChillAir Training Academy.
My passion for RACHP Training is forever growing and I enjoy it thoroughly giving me tremendous satisfaction.

I have always called it a ‘hobby that pays me’.
I am humbled and pleased to have launched many RACHP careers for apprentices/engineers/ trainers/assessors in the past, present and hopefully the future.

I am most passionate about imparting knowledge ,skill and competence and thrive on the success of others. Their success is my success.
I wouldn’t call myself a networker .However, I do like communications with like minded people and am thankful that I have come to know a lot of people on a global basis.

I am currently the Chair person of the BSRA ( Birmingham Society of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning).

Also, am the external refrigeration expert for OfQUAL.

I am very much about raising/maintaining Standards within RACHP and set up a LinkedIn group: RACHP-TAG aimed at providing a forum for all interested in RACHP to discuss training and assessment issues.

I am dedicated to promote the RACHP Industry within and external and am an advocate of the ‘Institute of Refrigeration’ ( IOR) and of WORLD REFRIGERATION DAY ( WRD).