Highnam Assist -Freelancer Cold Chain

Women in Coolings:

A leadership awarding winning and published global transport refrigeration consultant having spent over 35 years in the industry at all levels from engineering to senior board level appointments and a Member of the Institute of Refrigeration.

I look to help people understand the transport refrigeration industry and I actively lobby Governmental departments in the UK and EU to give focus on –

-Engineer safety
-Diesel Emissions
-Synthetic Refrigeration Gases.
-Disposal of end of life equipment to locations like Ghana.

I also provide technical and innovation insight to companies and Governmental bodies round the world.

The transport refrigeration sector has always been seen a the dirty side of refrigeration, but it is also one of the most important.

My aims are to help the transport refrigeration sector clean up its act and start to keep pace with the changes seen in the wider refrigeration market.

One of my fundamental beliefs is that the Cold Chain is in need of a reset.

Time to stop thinking about refrigeration power to fix all issues and time to reverse the thinking process.

“Insulate before refrigerate”

Reduce power consumption and in some case the need to have any transport refrigeration at all, look at the cooling methods used for hundreds of years and rework them for the 21st Century.

We have the knowledge and the technical knowledge, but we are lacking the ambition and drive to make it happen.

And that’s my focus.