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Women in Coolings: Include me in the International network for Women in Cooling

Norah Magero is a Mechanical Engineer and a Renewable Energy Expert with experience in the design and management of off-grid energy technologies. She is passionate about energy access in Africa. She has spent the past 7 years innovating decentralised clean tech for use in rural communities and promoting gender inclusion and equality within the space. She is the founder of Drop Access and the project lead of the VacciBox; a portable and IoT and AI-enabled cold chain technology that is being used to store and transport vaccines in Kenya. VacciBox lengthens the shelf life of medical items and broadens the geographical reach of healthcare services. The technology also promotes the traceability of these essential products by tracking their utilisation and off-take. Norah is on an ambitious mission to bridge the cold chain gaps in the African healthcare to ensure equitable access for all.