Imperial College London

Women in Coolings: Include me in the International network for Women in Cooling

Nausheen Basha is a 29-year-old Chartered Engineer with her PhD in Mechanical Engineering on computational modelling of screw compressors. She was awarded the 2021 Ted Perry Award for her PhD research work by the Institute of Refrigeration in the UK for the practical impact of research on promoting compressor cooling and improving efficiency that significantly impacts the compressor life cycle. Currently, Nausheen manages an EPSRC-funded project at Imperial College London that combines Machine Learning (ML) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to create ultra-fast predictive models for various engineering industries including energy. She currently focuses her research on combined ML-CFD based optimiser algorithms for improvements in the process industry. Nausheen has been a columnist with the Process Industry Informer magazine covering topics like cultural barriers for women in STEM, wage gap, gender inequality, as well as AI, CFD and engineering.