Stonegrove Refrigeration Services Ltd

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Having left school with just my GCSE’s i wasn’t sure in what direction i wanted to take a career in, so at 17 i took a job as an office junior on the service desk at at company called Morris & Young Ltd, this would see me start my journey into the refrigeration world. I enjoyed the fast pace of every day and loved that every day was always so different and 1 was good at communicating with clients. After Morris & Young i joined HRP Wholesale and was fortunate to work my way up to supervisor for the branch, here i learned the other side of industry in supply chain process.

in 2016 i joined Stonegrove Refrigeration and this was like a comfy slipper as most of whom i knew from Morris & Young had joined Stonegrove too! Stongrove was up and coming then and i worked on the service desk once again, dealing with the day to day needs of the engineers & customers. in 2015 as the company had grown substantially there was a need for a service manager and in was fortunate enough that my directors gave me the chance and offered me this position. Not being a hands on engineer with only text booked technical knowledge, moving into this position was quite daunting, but i decided to take this on and give it my all, As of today I am still running the department and love the job, i love going to site for surveys, interacting with clients, and even the engineers!

So it just goes to show you don’t always need to hands on to succeed!