Arctic Circle Ltd

Women in Coolings:

Starting with a Master’s degree in Engineering from Imperial College London, I have 11 years’ refrigeration experience, and became a chartered engineer with the IET at the age of 28. I have worked in consulting, engineering sales, industrial contracting, and currently plant OEM, allowing me to develop a well-rounded view of the sector. Known for having a strong base-principles understanding of mechanical engineering and its applications in the real world, I am keen to convey my knowledge to future engineers.

I joined the formidable Arctic Circle team in late 2020. Being a forward-thinking business, the leadership provided me with autonomy on all research and development works and invited me to bring to life ideas that showcase Arctic Circle’s engineering innovation. During the last 9 months, I have taken the lead on developing new and non-standard product lines with the aim of propelling the company into previously unexplored market sectors.

My day-to-day job involves concept design, creating and using mathematical modelling and simulation tools, producing detailed thermodynamic rating outputs, helping to improve design processes, and testing and verification. I enjoy working as part of, and sometimes leading, a cross-disciplinary team of experts within their fields. I strive for engineering excellence on a daily basis and believe in having the courage to challenge ideas and methods through constructive communication.

Favourite aspects of my job include the training and mentoring of engineers and salespeople of all ages, particularly in design processes, basic thermofluids and heat transfer understanding, and how this facilitates multiple, varied heating, cooling, and power generation cycles. My other great passion is working towards net-zero through both incremental improvements and novel technological advancements.