Women in Coolings:

Extensive Process Engineering, Refrigeration, Evaporation and Condensation know-how gained through years of professional engagements in multi-discipline projects in various industries especially Industrial Refrigeration, Gas cooling and Liquefaction (e.g. Propane), and removing the impurity of LNG during storage.

Experience with Gas Cooling and Liquefaction especially Propane and Natural Gas gained by working for 15 years with major manufacturer in the industry.

Extensive Experience with Ammonia and CO2 as Refrigerant for application with evaporating temperature from 0 to -53 degree centigrade.Design of Evaporators and Condensers Shell and Tubes and Plate Heat Exchangers, .

.Senior Adviser to the Federal Government in Iraq, working with strategic projects such as Defence, Law and order, Public Affairs and Communication, Environment, Water, Electricity, Gas and Oil issues.

Proficiency in strategic communications planning acquired through coordinating, executing, and assessing strategic and tactical level communications plans, and setting up media engagements.

Program management skills developed while working on large-scale projects in construction, heavy machinery and process engineering with multi-national clients.

Comprehensive International and multi-culture knowledge acquired through dealing with analysis of the nature of human conflicts, and the dynamics of how countries interact with each another.

Development of Public Affairs training and educational courses for senior executives and professionals from concept building to delivery of course material.

Highly motivated team player dedicated to producing excellent results with strong written and oral communications skills.

Specialties: Governance, public administration, politics, elections monitoring, good governance, anti-corruption, NGO Capacity building, Communication, Driving Challenger Brands, Marketing Industrial Products, Sales Channel Management, Management Development and Business Planning.