Sure solutions

Women in Coolings:

When I was 14 I was lucky enough to go to Australia. Whilst there I found a love for travel & for fixing / building things.

I left school at 16 with those two career paths in mind.

I originally tried to pursue a career in the army, as an engineer, but that fell through so I began my apprenticeship in travel.

Three years passed and I completed my apprenticeship. Although I loved my time in travel I knew I didn’t want it to be my long term job. That is when my career path took a huge U-turn.

I knew I wanted to become an engineer so the route I thought would be best was to try and get an apprenticeship ( due to having no previous experience. )

After some searching I came across the Sure Solutions apprenticeship on indeed.

I was lucky enough to be successful through the interview process which ended with me being selected for the roll.

Looking at those around me at sure solutions there are many high skilled
Engineers who started through an apprenticeship just like me. This gives me great confidence for my future as there is so many avenues you can go down using the skill and knowledge you gain when working.

Sure solutions have been great so far in my apprenticeship. I know that if I ever need help or advice that there are plenty of knowledgeable and caring people I can turn to. This isn’t just the case for the apprentices though it is for every member of the team which is a great thing to be part of.

Some of my ambitions for the future are to be recognised and as a skilled refrigeration engineer within the industry. Along with this I would love to be able to encourage and inspire more women to join the industry.

Considering I was completely new in the engineering industry in September 2021 it is surprising how much I have learnt in just 9 months. There is still so much more I have ahead of me to do and try.
I am looking forward to everything that is coming my way.