Women in Coolings:

Refrigeration is at the heart of a thriving New Zealand way of life, and it’s with pride I can say it’s been at the heart of my family since Dad first picked up the tools over fifty years ago. He was one of the best in the trade and he taught me to value the people you work with. I’ve taken that into my own family business and while growing it nationwide I’ve learnt:
– We’re up against some of the largest refrigeration multinationals in the world, yet we deliver industry leading technology to some of New Zealand’s biggest companies.
– We know we’ve got it right when customers see refrigeration isn’t “just a cost we have to incur” but a serious competitive advantage.
– Getting it right for the customer + reducing environmental impacts = true success.
NZ has so much to offer – we live in a truly spectacular landscape and I believe New Zealanders are always looking to protect that. I’ve been involved in the outdoors from an early age and want to design refrigeration systems that minimise our impact on the environment, and since having kids I feel that’s even more important.

Our people and suppliers also have that in common, and we have worked hard to deliver some of New Zealand’s first natural refrigeration systems that support environmental goals while delivering operational and financial performance:
– Helping organic food producer Ceres build NZ’s first Green Star 5 Star distribution centre.
– Building cutting edge technology natural refrigerant cooling systems for kiwifruit coolstores for leading NZ growers and packers that save costs and improve table to vine yields.
Delivering world leading technology to enable NZ food retailers natural refrigerant HVAC&R strategy, including NZ’s first transcritical CO2 system, subcritical CO2, NZ’s first water-loop system and NZ’s first parallel compression CO2 system.

But we don’t just support large organisations. We have some of the best people in the industry whose design skills and install knowledge have seen refrigerated display, coolstore and cooling systems help NZ businesses of all sizes create new markets, develop new products, reduce costs and increase product and brand premiums.