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Women in Coolings:

I began my career in the refrigeration industry as a fresh faced apprentice, ready and willing to learn and get my hands dirty! The opportunity to learn a vital trade and gain crucial college qualifications meant I knew I had a long term career ahead of me. After 20 years working in the field as a service and maintenance engineer in the hectic supermarket refrigeration world I took a chance to ditch the on call rota and enter into the energy sector of the company. Now as an energy reduction coordinator I am in a job where I can use all my technical experience in refrigeration to save energy through innovative technologies. With the world we live in today, climate change and the race to net zero I know I am making a difference which is an important part of anyone’s career. Recently i joined the institute of refrigeration at technician level as i look to further my career. I have been involved with publications on skills towards net zero and take part in webinars to further enhance my knowledge. I am passionate about getting young people introduced into our industry so they can achieve a rewarding fulfilling career in all things rachp. I for one am extremely thankful for the opportunity i got to enter into the cooling world. There is a lot going on in the refrigeration industry at present and with so many fantastic dedicated people involved its a great place to play a part in.