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My Name is Lidia Leon Perez. I am a Mechanical Engineer specialize in thermodynamics with 20+ years of refrigeration experience. My career in this industry began in appliance refrigeration where I was a part of the introduction of electric defrost and air flow management when these were developing technologies in Mexico. For almost 10 years, I worked with a Commercial Refrigeration OEM where my passion was the design of refrigeration systems with natural refrigerants and the introduction of new technologies. I recently decided to expand my horizons in the refrigeration industry and joined Henderson Engineers. Henderson has decades of experience designing refrigeration systems across grocery, retail, and warehouse environments. Henderson works with clients of multiple sectors of the refrigeration industry including traditional grocery stores, curbside and online grocery pickup, remodels, micro-fulfillment centers, last-mile delivery fulfillment centers, and large distribution centers. One of the benefits of being at Henderson is that we have access to all OEM technologies to apply them to design the most sustainable systems. On this era in addition to sustainability and regulatory changes, the cold chain itself is evolving based on consumer and industry needs, so being at Henderson is a great place to serve the refrigeration Industry.
Henderson is highly engaged with the ambient and has adopted sustainability policies in all possible ways not just as a company, we also promote sustainability in our designs. Lately at Henderson I have done energy analysis of different technologies with natural refrigerants and HFCs to recommend the most efficient and sustainable system that fits better the customer needs, I also have developed tools for our customers where they can simulate multiple scenarios for weighted average GWP reduction and help them track this reduction for CARB compliance.