Efficient Energy

Women in Coolings: Include me in the International network for Women in Cooling

I am Laurence Roy, French native living in Germany, 58 and have been in this Industry for over 20 years with a rather non-typical career 😉
I do not come from the technical side and have a background in Administration & Communication.
I worked 12 years at Lennox EMEIA, (known as Heatcraft Refrigeration at that time) and had the opportunity in 2010, to move from a role in communication to a Sales position. I was already 46, you may call me a late bloomer 😉 and realized that I loved it.
I managed the French wholesaler Network for the brand Friga-Bohn. I enjoyed the interaction with the wholesalers and realized that my non-technical background was not an issue. I was visiting the branches all over France and as well as discussing the strategy with the Management of the wholesalers.
2013, I was offered the opportunity to extend my geographical playground and became Sales Manager Europe. Promoting Friga-Bohn as a French brand outside of France was an interesting challenge and I love challenges !
Which is probably the reason why in 2015 I accepted an offer from Güntner GmbH to go to…. Asia!
I landed in Bangkok on my 51st Birthday, didn’t know anyone there and had never been to Asia before. This was definitely a good opportunity to get out of the comfort zone. I learned a lot, about HVAC&R in Asia of course and about myself too.
This is where I had the chance to meet Stephen Gill for the first time in person on the RHVAC exhibition.
After 5 years at Güntner (one in Bangkok and the rest in Europe), mostly working with Wholesalers I am very excited about my new role in our HVAC&R industry.
I joined in August 2021 Efficient Energy GmbH, a small company established near Munich.
Efficient Energy has developed the Bluezero® Technology and a range of eChiller. We offer clean Cooling (and soon Heating) solutions using Water (R718) as a refrigerant! At a time when we speak about climate change and global warming, we need to break the vicious circle of temperatures rising leading to increased need for cooling and refrigerants contributing to temperatures rising !
The refrigeration industry is coming under increasing pressure : Natural refrigerant are the way forward !
I appreciate this opportunity to contribute to a sustainable project for our planet. I will focus in the coming months on promoting the Bluezero® Technology in the non-German speaking area as Head of Sales International.
20 years ago I did not imagine that I would come to feel at home in this HVAC&R Industry. It is a rather small community in which I met a lot of people and made some real friends.
It will be great to see everyone at Chillventa in October.
I hope we will be able to attract in the future young people and more women.