Women in Coolings:

Hi, I am Kadir Isa. I am so glad to be a part of this beautiful collage. I met the world of refrigeration first time during RAC instruction and technical teacher education at Huddersfield University and Eastern Florida State College between 1988-1989 as part of the World Bank’s project for the development of vocational colleges in Turkey. Since then, I have worked as an instructor in the air conditioning-refrigeration programs of different vocational colleges in Turkey. For the last ten years, I have been giving lectures in the field of air conditioning-refrigeration in the department of mechanical engineering. During my almost 35 years of teaching experience I always believe that every kind of education should have a side that touches people’s hearts. I voluntarily keep serving as a committee member of different trade associations. I am member ASHRAE and Institute of Refrigeration. I love music. I love and respect refrigeration and people who do their job well. Let’s keep cooling!