Clauger USA/ Host of the ammonia refrigeration podcast “Nside the pipe”

Women in Coolings:

I started refrigeration at a young age. I worked summers with a buddy of mines Dad who owned an HVAC company. Before I knew it, I was obsessed.

My refrigeration career started when a large grocery chain in central Florida needed someone with an HVAC background. It wasn’t long until I found myself working on ammonia equipment. The systems were so big and complex that I just wanted to dive in and be an expert in this ammonia refrigeration industry. After a few years of getting my legs underneath me, I reached what I considered to be the pinnacle of being an operator. It was time for more.

I immediately started looking for an ammonia refrigeration service technician job. This was the beginning of my technical background. Ive always been the one to jump into anything before I knew what I was doing, and service is the best place for that. From large scale pump outs to system startups, equipment service and troubleshooting, and everything in between, I found myself learning a trade that gave me direction and purpose in my life. In the field I found myself being as uncomfortable as it gets. As we all know, growth is nestled in nice and tight to those uncomfortable feelings. I never gave up and most of the time I found myself stumbling upon the issue. Refrigeration has taught me to never give up.

Fast forward 15 years and I now work with one of the largest refrigeration contractors in the world, Clauger USA. I provide technical support to my technicians and help my customers in any way that’s needed. I love this industry. The obstacles you have to overcome can be great life lessons if you allow it. Im now an expert in my industry and Im the host of the ammonia refrigeration podcast, Nside the Pipe, which you can find in all the popular podcast streaming apps.

Refrigeration has helped me in so many ways. There’s no better industry to make a great living, learn some great life lessons, and to meet some of the most dedicated individuals across the globe. I will give back to our industry in any way I can.