McAlpine Hussmann Refrgeration Ltd

Women in Coolings:

With over 15 years in the Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry, I have enjoyed the best times this career has to offer. Working alongside great people, in trying conditions and extraordinary environments has been the most enjoyable situations I can always remember.

It has pushed me beyond all boundaries to make me acquire all the knowledge and skill in being a site team leader in McAlpine Hussmann Ltd. Running projects in places like the highlands regions of Papua New Guinea, around the Pacfic Islands and now in New Zealand (for Progressive Enterprises Limited) has established my footprint in the fast growing refrigeration industry. I supervise the installation of commercial refrigeration systems rated over 50kw in size, from food processing plants to supermarkets, with commissioning of refrigeration plants and related deliverables.

I forecast a promising future of good leadership, maintaining positive work ethics within a team. Building good business relationships through good time management when running projects, overseeing to ensure a safe and healthy work environment is maintained, and respecting people’s values regardless of culture, race or religion.