SCM Frigo

Women in Coolings:

After finishing my academical studies in Chemical Engineering- Optimization of energy, I worked in the energetic certification of building during 3 years. WIth the country suffering an hige economical crisis, I was forced to find an opportunity aborad. I started my journey in the world of refrigeration, in the United Kingdom, having contact with innovative technologies such as trancritical CO2, being responsible for R&D department, of a refrigeration racks OEM.

In 2016, I return to my home country, where I worked as technical-commercial manager, helping the implementation of these technologies in the Iberian market and with strong initial progression in Portugal.

Since 2021, I have embraced another professional project, in the same area, with SCM Frigo. I also opened my own company, jCO2 – Consultoria em Refrigeração Natural, Lda. This project is under development and I intend to provide training in the area of transcritical CO2, work on the energy optimization of systems in operation and on the Life Cycle Assessment of these products.