Mattair Maintenance Ltd

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My name is Ian Fisher

I started working in air conditioning and refrigeration straight from school in June 1988, and from the start was hooked and loved my job, over the years I’ve worked up through the ranks from apprentice to engineer, manager and now Director of Mattair Maintenance Ltd.

Through out this time I’ve worked on pretty much everything from small air conditioning units up to large supermarket refrigeration systems, and more recently a lot more heat pumps.

The industry has not only provided me with constant employment through out my career, it’s also ever changing so provided interest and amazement at some of projects I’ve worked on and the places its took me , such as high technology factory’s, posh and not so posh offices, small traders and interesting buildings like nuclear bunkers or military sites, I often tell people that working in the RACHP industry is like your very own personal discovery channel playing live every day.

This is also one of the reasons why I became a STEM ambassador, there’s just not enough people entering our fabulous industry, so I take opportunities when I can to tell the next generation about my career journey, our industry and the endless opportunities it provides.

One thing I like children to know is that I failed pretty much all my exams from school and then retook maths and English at the age of 38 as part of a management course, this kick started me academically and from then I have completed multiple diplomas, CPD and got involved with industry groups such as the institute of refrigeration. This boosted my knowledge and of course my career as well, my point being our Industry can provide for any one, at any academic level as long as your willing to work and learn.