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Women in Coolings:

“Found Love in the air, literaly” says Gloria Robles Montoya from Barranquilla, #Colombia as she shares her story with us for the #WorldRefrigerationDay #CoolingChampions #Coolcareers #WREFD22 campaign Gloria: ““My #coolstory Start with the terrific passion #HVAC began back in 2014 when I started a position in sales. After graduate of university as a #mechanicalengineer, I had been in the field working residential HVAC service. I’ve loved every minute of it. It’s been more than 10 years in the HVAC world and exploring every field of this acronym at my young age. In my country it is even more challenging to be a HVAC engineer and doubly so being a woman, that’s why I motivate myself day after day to encourage more girls to belong to this beautiful profession. We will be sharing your stories in the build-up to this year’s #WorldRefrigerationDay on June 26th, and beyond. #coolingmatters #HVACR #WomeninHVACR #WomeninCooling #WomeninRACHP Enercare Inc.