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I have achieved the perfect balance between engineering and marketing which is very unusual to find nowadays.

I started this beautiful journey in the HVAC industry more than ten years ago working at my family’s company. Ingeniarg S.A. is an Argentinian company specializing in HVAC engineering for the pharmaceutical industry and health care facilities.

I had the opportunity to begin my career assisting maintenance technicians so I could learn a lot from them. I’ve visited many facilities, getting to know different equipments and systems, performing commissioning processes and startups among many of the tasks. Later on, I developed myself as a HVAC professional performing thermal balances, layouts and drawing designs and detail engineering. In this position I had the opportunity to meet many professionals recognized by the industry and to learn from them. I positioned myself as the engineering manager in the company thanks to that opportunity. At the same time, I joined ASHRAE, the biggest HVAC association which I am very grateful to since they trained me to be who I am today professionally. At ASHRAE not only I developed myself as a technical professional but I also met professionals from around the world, travel to many countries, experience new cultures, markets and much more. Looking to expand and grow after my first years at ASHRAE I decided to learn and pursue marketing; something very unusual for an engineering profile like mine. I performed very well on marketing at achieving strategy planning and setting goals for the company which were accomplished in a quick manner thanks to the variety of digital tools available. The start in the marketing field was going so well that I was motivated to go for more, so I decided to become the Communication Chair from the ASHRAE Argentina Chapter, and again I met the goals in a very quick manner. I achieved the recognition to the Best Communication Chair of ASHRAE Region XII for two years in a roll!

Covid changed the world and I was no exception. After some thought I decided in the middle of the pandemic to quit my position at my family’s company and to start a new phase as an entrepreneur. Since last year I am working by my own with the same energy as before, same desire for growth and the same eager to evolve like when I was 19, the time I started this beautiful journey in the HVAC industry.