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Women in Coolings: Include me in the International network for Women in Cooling

Elizabeth Ortlieb is a founder of a leading HVAC marketing agency. With nearly a decade of experience in the HVAC and refrigerant industry, she has pioneered industry-leading marketing campaigns and strategies, and her work has been featured in numerous industry publications.

After serving on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. and graduating from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, Elizabeth has spent almost her entire career in the HVAC industry at the intersection of marketing and policy. In fact, from the HFC refrigerant phasedown to EPA Section 608, she has developed a deep expertise in refrigerant regulatory issues and explaining these issues to diverse industry stakeholders.

Continuously fascinated by the world of HVAC and refrigerants, Elizabeth runs Alpyne Strategy and works with some of the top HVAC contractors in the United States on their marketing campaigns. Learn more about Alpyne Strategy at

Her company is on a mission to provide the best HVAC-R marketing services for companies of all shapes and sizes across the globe. Follow her on Twitter/Instagram @refrigerant365, where she provides refrigerant insights 365 days a year.

She hopes to inspire women around the world to consider all the cool career possibilities in HVAC.

Elizabeth finds World Refrigeration Day an excellent time to introduce people to this wonderful industry, and she is thankful to Stephen Gill and the World Refrigeration Day organization for all that they do each year to make this event a success.