A-Gas Australia

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My name is Elizabeth Gregory and I am the People & Culture Advisor for A-Gas Australia. Previously in my career, I have worked in a variety of diverse industries such as Manufacturing, Agriculture, the Sports Industry, and Financial Services. Working with A-Gas gives me the opportunity to work in a company and industry that is focused on enhancing the environment by managing the lifecycle of refrigerants and fire protection agents and as such, help to build a sustainable future. The focus on the environment/working towards Net Zero in 2035 is one of the reasons why coming to work feels good to me.

I have been working with A-Gas for nearly 5 years and in my role, I partner with Senior Managers to support their department objectives. I manage recruitment for A-Gas and I provide a broad range of hands-on experience and support across the full HR employee life cycle. I assist the business in achieving critical deliverables including our strategic objectives, People & Culture Framework, and our Global Game Plan on a Page.

I feel proud to work in a company where the HR and Business Strategies are aligned. This alignment creates a strong ‘sense of purpose’ for not only the company but for all the employees as well. What makes A-Gas unique is that everyone working here makes a difference in their own way. We believe in what we do because “Together We Can”!