Beijer Ref New Zealand

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Dio is Marketing Manager for Beijer Ref New Zealand and has been with the company for over nine years. As Marketing Manager, Dio is responsible for many of the marketing-related activities that involves Beijer Ref’s subsidiaries in New Zealand (Patton Refrigeration and Realcold NZ Ltd.). Some of his specialities are Marketing Strategies & Planning, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Social Media, Graphic Design and Video Editing.
Dio joined the HVAC&R industry quite by accident. After working in the IT wholesale business as a marketing professional for nearly 6 years, he wanted to experience a new environment to continue growing. When he saw a marketing job ad from Patton in which company signage he could see outside the window where he sat every day, he decided to apply the position. Fortunately, he got the job and his incredible career journey in HVAC&R industry had begun.
“I had very little knowledge of Refrigeration when I first started my new role at Patton” Dio said, “I was the first marketing manager in Patton’s 90 years history, I did believe that I could bring new creative ideas and made a difference to the business.” With the acquisition of both Patton and Realcold by Beijer Ref, Dio’s position and responsibility had expended dramatically. 2019 Dio was selected as one of the five staff to participate the 1st Beijer Ref Exchange Programme and working at Beijer Ref UK for 2 months.
“I feel very proud of being a member of the Beijer Ref-family. As one of the largest HVACR companies in the world, Beijer Ref provide abundant resources and care to our staff’ Dio said with a smile, “In addition to working with friendly and knowledgeable colleagues, I enjoy the pleasant working environment, cultural diversity and work-life balance. Most importantly, I feel respected and valued at Beijer Ref.”
“Day by day, I love working this industry more and more”, Dio said, “Not only does it have wonderful people, but also it is an essential business which is so important for the world right now and the future.”