Johnson Controls

Women in Coolings:

Badri belongs to the HVAC&R industry and has an educational background in Mechanical Engineering. At #johnsoncontrols, Badri holds a customer-facing role providing solutions for client’s commercial HVAC equipment and controls requirements. He promotes all electric solutions, with a focus on #VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems and Packaged Unitary Equipment.


“I always wondered in childhood what that the ghrr sound is from refrigerator. Thankfully, the mystery got solved in Mechanical Engineering laboratory while examining the cross section of compressor and studying Thermodynamics and Refrigeration. It would have been interesting had I known in childhood how digital scroll loads and unloads!!

Cold Chain is vital the way our lifestyles are structured today. We must be cognizant of how important role #refrigeration plays in our everyday life.

My professional career in HVAC started with cleanroom application with stringent performance standards of Temperature, RH, Cleanliness Class and Pressure Gradient, followed by comfort applications in City of Ahmedabad, India where summer temperature goes as high as +45C and now where I am in Toronto winter temperature goes up to -22C and below. Understanding the applications of various equipment in cold climate, and advising customers their impacts on GHG emissions with changing landscape of #refrigerants, adoption of #heatpumps and #electrification make my day job interesting.

#ASHRAE has been at center stage in my professional career in North America. I started volunteering at Toronto Chapter in 2016 and have been part of various grassroots and technical committees with aim of #giveingback at both chapter and society. This has marvelously rewarded with knowledge, networking, and recognition.

Recently at 2022 ASHRAE Winter Conference in Las Vegas, I had a wonderful opportunity to connect with @Stephen Gill and learn about World Refrigeration Day. It is very impressive how he excelled the idea in such a huge campaign. Kudos to Stephen Gill and Team for all the hard work. It has been my pleasure to connect with @Didier Coulomb, International Institute of Refrigeration as well at ASHRAE that made me aware of IIF-IIR activities within Europe and beyond. This is what I love most about ASHRAE – cross-pollination of ideas, campaigns, knowledge-sharing and association with various professional organizations. ASHRAE Associate Society Alliance is a great platform that makes all this happen in the industry and across the globe.”