Unitrans Dwangwa Depot

Women in Coolings: Include me in the International network for Women in Cooling

Am Atupele Jimmy Limbani Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician from Malawi. Working with Unitrans Dwangwa Depot in the Central part of the country. I joined the RAC sector in September 2011 at Soche Technical College. I didn’t dream of becoming a Technician because as I grew up I wanted to be a secondary School Teacher but wasn’t successful after the release of the university entrance results and left out. It was so shocking seeing my colleagues going into the public university but later gathered courage that I make plans but it’s God who fulfils. The journey through the college and industrial days weren’t not so good as will skip some modules because of lack of availability of the learning materials. After my first year at college I joined sunbird mzuzu hotel for internership and later Anderson Engineering Limited where I was letter employed. The industrial sector it’s not a friendly zone for a female technician because for people to believe in you it takes time and we face alot of sexual harassment from the opposite sex but all in all being focused, determined and peserverance makes who want to be by end of the day. I enjoy being in field because it involves solving problems each passing day.