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My career started in 1987 after an initial talk with my father. Coming from a family of Engineers my vocation was set and I was interested in various disciplines of mechanical and Electrical engineering. The advice given that determined my future was in relation to the size of the toolbox. “Son, an electrical engineer’s toolbox is the top pocket of their shirt, whereas a mechanical engineer’s toolbox is a lot heavier!” As a sixteen-year-old, this advice was all I needed, electrical engineering it is!
So, I started as an Electrical Engineering Apprentice at Coulstock & Place Engineering which is a subsidiary Company of J & E Hall Limited. Throughout my apprenticeship and career development; Refrigeration has been the principal market sector. I quickly realised it’s a place where I wanted to build my career – and the one thing that has motivated me throughout my journey is J & E Hall’s focus on People.
I was given the opportunity to undertake a management programme where I completed a BSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. In 2001 I was promoted to General Manager, Motors and Engineering and I was responsible for the business and reported to Mark Roberts MD of J & E Hall.
Another opportunity presented itself in 2007 and I transferred to J & E Hall. Throughout this time, I had grasped every opportunity presented to me and developed from an apprentice, graduate engineer, and various managerial roles in Health & Safety, Operations, Legal, and Human Resources. In 2018 it was a great honour to accept the role of Managing Director.
Business is about people and in my experience, the key to a successful business is having the right individuals on board who bring their expertise, combined with personal attributes that form a successful team. I continue to push myself to be the best I can be and as a result, in 2021 I graduated with an MSc from Cass Business school (London City University). I have been an IOR member since 2014 and one of the proudest moments in my calendar is presenting the J & E Hall Gold Medal at the annual Institute dinner.
In my spare time, I volunteer as an Enterprise Adviser in local schools. I am committed to preparing and inspiring young people for the fast-changing world of work. I am part of a community of over 3000 Enterprise Advisers creating powerful, lasting connections between employers and education to transform outcomes for young people.