Women in Coolings:

I first came in contact with refrigeration during studying at the university of applied sciences in Karlsruhe. After successfully finishing I started working as a development engineer with heat exchanger at Walter Roller. I have been drawn into evaporation of refrigerants, energy saving fans, software development and many more interesting topics. Always being open minded I wanted to widen my horizon and discuss different aspects like interaction more in detail, that’s why I joined the German Society of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, DKV e.V. First I got involved in the local organisation of smaller events later I got voted into the board.
Some years later I introduced a product management at Walter Roller, and so especially the R744 evaporators are a really cool product. Monitoring a defrost cycle of 45 min with large fin spacings is quite cold. 🙂
Recently I wanted to widen my view and like to learn something about different heat exchangers, so I joined GOHL- KTK a manufacturer of cooling towers. Great products which differ in a way completly from the products I cared about the last 14 years. But on the other hand they are heat exchangers, that share a similar priniciple, really intriguing.
Referigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps provides the right temperatures for people, process and goods now and of course in the future. If contine to improve in terms of sustainability and the thought of a circular econonmy we will see a bright future.