The Refrigeration Professionals Guild of New Zealand

Women in Coolings: Include me in the International network for Women in Cooling

I have been in the trade for 38 years now and dont regret one day, I have been involved with all aspects of Refrigeration from Domestic, Commercial to Industrial, started off using R12, R22 and R502 back in the day, Days were never boring or the same, one day you be working on a one on one small condensing unit and the next day on an ammonia plant on screw compressors, I have also done quite a bit of Airconditioning.
I have owned my own businesses for 15 years in total, one in Zimbabwe and the next one in New Zealand, I have managed to work in the trade in the UK and travelled around Europe, now I work for a Company that specializes in Natural Refrigeration mainly doing CO2 and Hydrocarbons, in my spare time, I help run a group called “The Refrigeration Professionals Guild of New Zealand” of which I’m the current Chairman, we are a group passionate about our trade and are available to help everyone from apprentices to business owners and we are trying hard to promote the trade in NZ in order to get the next generation interested in such an awesome trade, although I’m getting older by the day, I dont plan on quitting this trade, I still attend to service calls when I can as mostly office based now running the Service Department. This trade has allowed me to travel worlwide as well as to look after me and my family financially throughtout all the years, if you are passionate about this trade and invest in it, you will go far without a doubt. Thank you World Refrigeration Day for getting this movement going worldwide, it can only go continue to grow.